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It just admitted that all that was nonsense — and that it badly overplayed its hand.

Will the children currently being held be re-united with their families? Senator Patrick Leahy warned Americans: “[W]e must not be fooled.We need to ensure that the 2,500 children already separated are promptly reunited with their families.” So reported CNN on Wednesday: New Balance Women’s W590lg5 Running Shoes Black/Purple clearance pre order clearance outlet under sale online free shipping many kinds of yjZm8

Will the children currently being held be re-united with their families?

We do not know yet how many of these children, scattered across shelters in 17 states, and some separated from their parents by a continent, some too young to speak, can be reunited with their parents. And some of those parents may even have been deported already, though cheap sale with credit card Nike Women’s W Flex 8 Trainers Grey Wolf Grey/White/Pure Platinum/Igloo 003 shop cheap online cheap sale best store to get shipping outlet store online 3yQBpd78Z
. An HHS official told The New York Times on Wednesday evening that “more than 2,300 children who have already been separated from their parents under the president’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy will not be immediately reunited with their families while the adults remain in federal custody during their immigration proceedings.” under 50 dollars comfortable cheap online Adidas Performance Pure Boost X Running Shoeblack/shock Green/black55 M Us Raw Purple/Raw Purple/Shock Red qV50G

2. Last week, we chronicled the horrific scenes at the border, with children being ripped from their parents’ arms. We are sure our readers are aware of the heart-breaking stories. To begin our press recommendations to you this week, however, we want to explain some of the background to the Trump administration’s decision. We will explore the thinking that has gone into the separation policy.

To begin our press recommendations to you this week, however, we want to explain some of the background to the Trump administration’s decision. We will explore the thinking that has gone into the separation policy.

A. For a good summary of the real concerns over immigration , see a piece in FiveThirtyEight by pollster Perry Bacon. Bacon notes that the separation policy is polling badly, with a majority of Americans objecting, including a third of Republicans, which is hardly an endorsement. Clearly the administration’s defenses are so outrageous and untrue that they cannot really believe them, at least not officials like Sessions or Neilsen, who know that the law does not require the policy and are unable to defend that position before newly emboldened journalists challenging the lies.

a good summary of the real concerns over immigration

So why do it? “[T]here is a potential driving force behind many of the administration’s immigration policies,” says Bacon, “one that it largely avoids discussing in public but that ties all these disparate actions together: reducing or at least stopping a pre-Trump spike in the number of immigrants in America.” Here are the numbers: “The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that fast delivery online discount buy Superga Acotw Linea Up and Down Women’s Trainers Black Full Black 996 discount exclusive Kxj4Re
of Americans, about 44 million people, are foreign-born. Those numbers are up from 2000, when about 11 percent of the population (31 million Americans) were foreign-born.

The undesirable deviations and 90th percentile minimax metrics also use a subset S , however, these scenarios do not cover all regions of this S and are therefore less balanced. The undesirable deviations metric considers regret from the median for scenarios for which values of f ( x i ,  S ) are less than the median, resulting in robustness values that have a higher level of intrinsic risk aversion than those obtained using metrics that used information from all regions of the distribution (Table Airwalk The One Chance Black Red Black Red buy cheap wide range of Manchester sale online free shipping top quality qljP412kZ
). The 90th percentile minimax regret metric corresponds to an even greater level of intrinsic risk aversion, as it is based on a single value that is close to the worst case (90th percentile—see Table Cortica Infinity 1 Trainers Burgundy Knit outlet discounts UZIT1gCy6e

A categorization of different robustness metrics in accordance with the final robustness metric calculation ( T 3 ) is given in Table DC Shoes Trase Tx Se Mens LowTop Sneakers Wheat free shipping classic amazon for sale TD4zE
. As can be seen, for some metrics, such as the maximin, maximax, minimax regret and 90th percentile minimax regret metrics, f ( x i ,  S ) and R ( x i ,  S ) are identical (i.e., the robustness metric calculation corresponds to the identity transformation). This is because for these metrics, S consists of a single scenario and there is no need to combine a number of values in order to arrive at a single value of robustness. However, for the remaining metrics, for which S contains at least two values, some sort of transformation is required. Metrics that are based on the mean or sum of f ( x i ,  S ), such as Laplace's principle of insufficient reason, mean‐variance and undesirable deviations, effectively assign an equal weighting to different scenarios and then suggest that the best decision is the one with the best mean performance, producing an expected value of performance. In contrast, in Hurwicz's optimism‐pessimism rule, the user can select the relative weighting of the two scenarios (low and high levels of risk aversion) considered, as mentioned in Section KARHU Aria Vappu Pack Mens Trainers Gray F803010 sale limited edition with mastercard cheap online 72uIxZlhH

Alternatively, some metrics consider aspects of the variability of f ( x i ,  S ). For example, the mean‐variance metric attempts to balance the mean and variability of the performance of a decision alternative over different scenarios. However, a disadvantage of considering a combination of the mean and variance is that the resultant metric is not always monotonically increasing (Ray et al., free shipping Manchester Sam Edelman Felicia Womens Ballet Flats Black Black Napa free shipping limited edition top quality online buy cheap 2014 new sale largest supplier 4Hl05g
). Moreover, when considering variance, good and bad deviations from the mean are treated equally (Takriti Ahmed, Aquatalia by Marvin K Womens Seneca Anil Calf Mule Black with paypal purchase free shipping best sale S1tH16YKs
). The undesirable deviations metric overcomes this limitation, while still providing a measure of variability. Other metrics are focused on different attributes of f ( x i ,  S ), such as the skewness and kurtosis.

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