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Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Review

Designed and perfected by World class trainer and former Mr.Israel, the body beast workout is formulated to get that ideal, chiselled body that most people can only dream of. It is a 90 day program dedicated to burning fat and building muscle. The different aspects of the program deal with exercise selections, repetitions, weights used, as well and the nutrition and diet maintained. The workout can be performed in the comfort of one’s own home or at the gym.

Features : 

The Body beast workout aims to burn fat and is ideal for beginners looking to build some muscle. The program is divided into three separate portions of 30 days each. It mainly consists of compound exercises which includes lifting barbells and dumbbells. The workout programs are based on a dynamic training set where a 5-day split is done to train each muscle group separately to ensure an overall output. Designed for both men and women, the training ranges from an intensely low to a fiercely brutal setting. The exercises are generally moderate and revolve around mutli joint exercises.

body beast review

Build : Essential in building a strong foundation physically and nutritionally.

Bulk : This is the stage in which the size begins to grow and the changes are clearly visible.

Beast : The final stage involves getting the ideal chiselled body which is competition worthy.

The secret to this workout is the Dynamic Training Regime involved : 

The program has you doing the following circuit sets, tempo sets, drop sets, giant sets, super sets, single sets and force sets. All these are mostly tailored for people who have built a strong foundation in muscle growth using basic compound exercises. Hard work and dedication is the key to perfecting the techniques which does not depend on extra protein powder products or steroids to increase muscle mass quickly. This could be dangerous for the body in the long run.

The splits included in the training are divided as follows : 

1-day splits : This includes an overall workout for the body without splitting up the workout for individual parts.

2-day splits : This workout focuses on splitting the workout for the upper body and then separately for the lower body on two different days.

3-day splits: This workout helps focus different workouts for different parts of the body on different days. This could be to work out your legs on Monday, the back on Wednesday and maybe the chest and shoulders on Friday. In this way, the workout routines are split throughout the week, ensuring that the entire body get its due.

These workout are designed for more protein synthesis, which in turns leads to getting the fat burning quickly and to increase the muscle mass.

The Dynamic Training works with 2 different schemes, as provided by the workout. The first one is to start with 15 reps, increase the weight and then follow it with 12 reps, increase the weight and add 8 more reps before finally bringing the rep count to 12 again with a lesser weight. The final count is 15 reps with the least amount of weights. The Body beast provides 6 sets of the given exercises in a row with no rest provided in between.

The basic equipment needed for the workout are Dumbbells, barbells, weights and an adjustable bench. The workout also requires a strict maintenance of a nutritious diet to see the effect of the workout. Thus, the body beast workout is a strenuous and effective course that one must be dedicated to follow to obtain the maximum desired results.

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